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Ms. Salas
Head of School
Students design their own products and businesses
ESC was the 2nd Charter School open in Arizona in 1995

ESC Phoenix is Celebrating 21 years Educating Children
That ESC is and has always focused on small class size and small group instruction. 

This school took the time to listen to my concerns about my daughters education;put them to rest with taking time to work with her and see where she needed help. They have a truly caring staff in all areas. They provide a safe after school program thats extremely flexable VERY low cost. As well your fully informed everyday/wk of everything going on there. My daughter never complains about going to school any more. Infact shes excited to go and I no longer have concerns about her failing. A+ 
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Ms. Mary
Administrative Assistant/
Office Manager
Ms. Frank
Kindergarten -
 1st Grades
Ms. Slade 
​2nd - 3rd Grades

Mr. Salas
6th - 7th- 8th Grades 
Teacher Supply Lists
Ms. Slade
Colored pencils 
Lined paper
Clorox Wipes
Dry erase markers
Pencil top erasers
2-3 - Spiral Notebooks
2-3 Composition books

Ms. Dudley
Composition wide ruled notebooks – 5
Wide ruled pack of paper – 3
Colored pencils (box of 24) – 1
Crayons (box of 24) – 1
Black sharpie - 2
Pencils (box of 12) – 1
Pencil sharpener – 1 
Pencil top eraser pack – 1 
Glue bottle – 1
Ruler – 1 
Scissors (sharp/pointed) – 1
Pencil box – 1 
Pocket Folders (without middle prongs) – 3
Expo markers – 2 
Kleenex – 3 
Clorox wipes – 3
Paper towels – 3
Ziploc bags (sandwich and gallon size) – 2 (one of each size)

2” 3-ring binder with inside pockets – 1 
Highlighter – 2 
Expo eraser – 1 
Markers (box of 8/10) - 1 
Headphones – 1 

Mr. Salas

Colored pencils
Eraser (large or pencil top)
Highlighter (any color)
Dry erase marker (any color)
12 inch ruler
USB flash drive
2 to 3 composition books or Spiral notebooks
College ruled loose leaf paper
Scientific calculator
Glue sticks
Post it notes
Math compass (circles)

Optional items:
Water bottle
Pencil box or pouch
3 ring binder
Ms. Frank
*backpack that will fit a homework folder 
*change of clothes (top, bottom, underwear, socks in case of accident or spills)
* regular HB pencils (not mechanical)
*"Fat" pencils (there are 2 in a package) 
* erasers
*2 glue bottles
*plastic pencil box 8” x 5” x 2.5"
*plastic homework folder
*2 boxes of 24 crayons (colored pencils not necessary)
*2 large tissue boxes
*a peanut-free snack to share with the class (crackers, pretzels, juice gummies, otter pops, granola bars) 

Ms. Julie